Currently eating onion bread & I feel very content

The person who said you can’t eat away your feelings clearly haven’t ate this onion bread

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So I was in YouTube yesterday and I was watching one of swooZie’s videos about being basic & if that’s a good thing and I felt so guilty because I’m probably as basic as basic gets

I’m so simple, I don’t expect much from people (or myself for that matter). There are days that I surprise myself because I just don’t try ever. I am the safest person known to man and the idea of me taking risks scares me to the point that is my chest hurts and it keeps me up at night.

I don’t even know how to make friends in real life (like how do you do that, forreal) & I. Just. Don’t. Try. Like I’m not even different. I’m just boring.

& I’ve been like this forever and I don’t know how to stop it and just how

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I just keep seeing people who just let themselves go when they find a spouse/significant other.

Like c’mon that’s not the plan. Don’t give up cause you in love.

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Some people are worth fighting for.
I will fight for you.

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redtemplo lol nah, just a typical day at the house no big deal

seik01 lol thank you man; i ate that thing so fast…

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There are people in my life that I let go; I didn’t care to fight because it was time to go of that friendship or I just didn’t care anymore.

And there are some people that I wouldn’t let them leave without a fight. That friendship means too much to me, and I need to at least try to save it. I’ll use my energy and do all I can for this friendship.

Some people are worth it.

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