Anonymous asked:

Aren't you a Christian? How can you promote sex when it's against the bible?



1) I decide what I want to share with others. Christianity has nothing to do with that.

2) I’m not promoting sex. I didn’t tell these people “go forth and have sex as you please! I did it.” I simply said that I would never take away the experience, or ANY experience for that matter, because I don’t like living with regrets.

3) Me affirming that I have had sex before really says nothing besides that. That could mean I had sex years ago, or today. It would mean I had sex once, or multiple times. I will not go into specifics because, again, I share what I choose.

You’re judging me, but that’s okay. I expected that. But just realize that my face is out there, while you’re hiding behind a grey-faced icon.

God bless.


I’m shocked of how productive I was today despite of how I’m feeling.
I surprised myself :)

The past two days were just a huge NO for me. I am so not in the mood for anyone/anything. On top of that people wanna try take off my headphones and touch me to talk to me? C’mon mane.

You see me with my mean mug face dude. Don’t embarrass Yo’self.

History repeats itself.
Or it’s déjà vu.
Whatever it is, it’s happening again.

There’s this guy I recently follow on Instagram and all the videos he posts is of him singing and he’s give me lyfffff.

It was probably the hardest lesson I had to learn. Even if I was doing everything right.